Name: Aliron XP/Next lvl: 6,945 / 12,001
Class: Thief HP:curr/max 18 / 18
Alignment: N.E AC:reg/rear/no shield 15 / 12 / 15
Race: elf Level: 4
Age: Height: 5’3
Weight: Gender: male

STR: 9
INT: 13 (prime (1))
WIS: 9
DEX: 18 (
3, prime)
CON: 9
CHR: 8 (-1)
armor: leather
Long sword 1elf/1lvl
1 Scimitar +1 elf,1lvl
1heartbow +1elf/ +2 after dark1 level,+3 dex

First aid-Elven magic

Aliron is a shy street smart elf. He is slow to trust; loyal to those he calls friends. His father and mother were nomadic thieves, travelled on more than one occasions with traveling shows. Dislikes and will never trust Dwarves. It was late, after a few drinks, the dwarves decided they didn’t want him and his family drinking in the same tavern. The night ended with the death of his father. He will not start a fight, he might even run from a fight, but he will never abandon his friends, returning unseen to slip a blade in the back of their foe. He wears dull dark brown or black clothing, with a black hooded cloak, the only thing to sparkle is his moon shaped necklace.


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