Black Demon

the demon Ankari bargained with in the dwarven temple


This demon is seven feet tall, black, vaguely humanoid, unclothed, and male. His limbs are bent at strange angles, and sharp spines protrude from the elbows and knees. A short tail extends from the creature’s hindquarters, and his oversized hands terminate in long, vicious claws. He additionally possesses malformed ears, baleful red eyes, and a gravelly voice. Those who stand near him detect a strong odor of sulfur and rotting flesh.

He speaks an ancient dialect of Elven.


This demon appeared as a secondary effect to Calexa’s second failed spell during the battle with our heroes, apparently drawn by the magic.

Its initial intention was simply to take Calexa, but Ankari intervened, offering instead a bargain which consisted of the following terms:

The demon would receive:

  • Aslaug in lieu of Calexa
  • being allowed to roam Mathera to do as it pleases for either a year and a day, or until our heroes kill Aslaug, whichever comes first

Our heroes would receive:

  • all unconscious party members being healed to consciousness (the demon could not resurrect Darin, who was already dead at this point)
  • being allowed to question Calexa and then doing as they please with her
  • instructions on how to resummon the demon once our heroes have killed Aslaug
  • the demon will leave the town of Srilkind alone.

Only LĂ­adan had the requisite knowledge of both Elvish and spellcasting to speak the words of the bargain.

Once the bargain was completed, the demon left to do as it wished on Mathera.

Black Demon

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