Catli (Burnbright)

A future shield-maiden from Srilkind


Although unknown by most villagers of Srilkind, Burnbright/Catli is really the daughter of Aslaug, who feared the other villagers would fear her if they knew she was Aslaug’s daughter and Rala‘s granddaughter. Father Harald took Catli to be raised by two older women who were sisters, then retrieved her from the sisters when Catli was 5 years old, claiming to have found her in the aftermath of a goblin raid on a village near the northern taint. She’s been living in Srilkind as a ‘child of the village’ up until the time of our heroes’ arrival in Srilkind, and most villagers call her ‘Burnbright’.

According to Grim Torbensson in Act III, Catli’s only living blood kin aside from her mother is her uncle, whose last known location as of several years ago was Alfoss, where he did something related to fishing.

Catli (Burnbright)

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