Cadell Einion

Exiled elven knight/bard


Hair: ash-blond
Eyes: light grey
Height: 6’6"
Weight: Never you mind.

Class: Knight / Bard
Alignment: Neutral Good
- STR: 9
- DEX: 13
- CON: 9
- INT: 13
- WIS: 9
- CHA: 13
Prime Attribute(s): CHA (class attribute), DEX
Weapons: comp. shortbow [1d20+4; 1d6+1], longsword [1d20+3; 1d8]
Armor: scale mail [AC +4]
Horse’s Name: Llucheden
HP: 27

Spells: Edan’s Minor Thaumaturgic Poultice, Cure Light Wounds [1d20+2]
MP: 1

Act I: 660
Act II: 660 + 510 (+ 51) = 1221
1221 + 350 = 1571
1571 + 150 = 1721
1721 + 450 = 2171
2171 + 565 = 2736 [lvl 2; Bard, lvl 1]
2736 + 1000 = 3736 / 1000
Act III: 1000 + 250 = 3986 / 1250
1250 + 1175 = 5161 / 2425 [lvl 2]
2425 + 360 = 5521 / 2785
2785 + 880 = 6401 / 3665 [lvl 3]
3665 + 550 = 6951 / 4215


Cadell was once a servant of Queen Brígh, who rules an expansive forest known as Aelwyd Eirian; he served her with undying loyalty, and had done so for more than two thousand years. Some fifteen years ago, a large group of humans took up residence in a part of the forest, and built a castle they called Dunhold; being mistrustful of the elves, they walled it off and put up magical wards to keep them out. Reactions are mixed: many of the elves are openly antagonistic toward the humans, while some are more neutral, and still others are kind. The humans do not provoke the elves, but will fight back if threatened.

When a horde of orcs numbering in the thousands threatened the forest and its inhabitants, Cadell was the one to initiate a truce between the humans and elves so that they could face their common enemy together, and he acted as emissary and messenger while the two sides prepared for war. A spy for the orcs went into the humans’ midst, and on returning to report, he kidnapped Cadell and brought him before their leader. Cadell was tortured in an attempt to sway his loyalty, which failed; he named himself Einion, “Anvil” in the elven tongue, to remind himself to be steadfast as an anvil, not malleable as hot metal under a hammer. He escaped the orcs and returned to Brígh, resuming his duties once he healed. As war finally broke out, he led the elves’ forces into battle alongside the humans; they defeated the orcs, though both sides suffered many casualties, and Cadell himself nearly died from a poisoned wound.

The truce between the races ended when the orcs were driven off and their leader defeated. Cadell remained friends with the humans of Dunhold, as did a few others, but most remained neutral at best or hostile at worst. Soon after, Brígh ordered Cadell to journey overseas to the northern kingdom; he obeyed most reluctantly, having no wish to go near the sea. He soon befriended Baldhart, Matthew and various others aboard the northbound ship, and joined in their quest to cleanse the northlands of the Taint. But always his thoughts strayed back to Aelwyd Eirian, and to the lover he left behind in the forest: Líadan, the elves’ chief healer and a cleric of Oercus.

One snowy day, a band of dwarves was beset by warg-riding goblins outside a temple of Gefjon. Cadell joined the attempt to rescue the dwarves, which succeeded, though Cadell lost his left hand to a warg’s bite. Darin, one of the rescued dwarves, acknowledged Cadell’s sacrifice by naming him Dwarf-friend and bestowing on him a dwarvish talisman, as well as a promise to make a metal replacement for Cadell’s hand. In the meantime, Cadell made do with a modified gauntlet found in the tunnels beneath the temple.

Throughout his (mis)adventures, Cadell grew increasingly doubtful of Brígh’s intentions in sending him north: was it out of true concern for the Taint that would spread south if left unchecked, or was it only a ploy to be rid of him and his pro-human views? He never got the chance to truly find out, but Brígh showed her true colors in another way. When Cadell went through a Gaita Ellyllen (Elf-gate) back to Aelwyd Eirian and brought a report of his progress to Brígh, she expressed her clear disapproval of him being named Dwarf-friend, wondering whether he would go on to befriend orcs or goblins, which he fervently denied. (Ironically, Cadell had already befriended a harpy chick whom he named Branwen, and would go on to make pacts with both gnoll and orc chieftains.)

Upon Cadell’s dismissal, a malevolent elf named Fachtna mocked Cadell for his shame and soon attacked him with intent to kill. Cadell was forced to defend himself, and a blow from his gauntlet broke Fachtna’s ribs, puncturing his lungs and killing him. Brígh commanded Cadell to get out or die. Cadell fled in fear of his life, and Líadan followed him into exile out of love for him. They returned through the Gaita together, where Líadan became a member of the company.

Cadell took a while to come to terms with his exile, and though he immediately dropped the knightly title of “Sir”, he retained ownership of his horse Llucheden, who had accompanied him north, and took as his squire a young boy named Biorn. He also took up the role of a Bard, opting for a drum as his instrument of choice; he reasoned it would be easiest to play with only one real hand.

Cadell Einion

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