serpent-witch servant of Aslaug


During the battle with our heroes, Calexa took on a form having the head and torso of a woman, the lower body of a snake, and four arms. Whether this was her true form or not is unknown.


Calexa revealed to our heroes that she is a servant of Aslaug, whom she referred to as “the Lady”. In her encounter with our heroes at the end of Act II, she was assigned the mission of recovering Aslaug’s daughter Burnbright (Catli), allegedly for Burnbright’s own protection.

Near the end of the battle, a second failed casting with runaway magic on the part of Calexa summoned a demon with whom Ankari struck a bargain, and a part of that bargain included the right to question Calexa.

During the questioning, Calexa revealed that Aslaug makes her base in Verstenn Hold and that Aeron himself, the dark lord who nearly took over the world in the Great War a thousand years ago, is rising in the south, is seeking the Dragon’s Egg, and that Aslaug prepares for war with him. To the best of Calexa’s knowledge, Aeron seeks Burnbright as a way of ensuring Aslaug’s loyalty.

At the end of the questioning, Ankari killed Calexa.


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