Calinniel Norling ("Cali")

half-elven illusionist


Tall and slender, Calinniel (who much prefers to be called Cali) has platinum-streaked honey blonde hair down to her mid-back, a heart-shaped face, slightly narrow set turquoise-colored eyes, a patrician nose, slightly pointed ears, and a generous mouth. Her skin is fair. She wears a hooded silver-edged black cloak most of the time over a blue-green tunic and either black trousers or grey leggings. She also wears an amethyst-colored scarf tied around her head to hide her elven ears.

Armor: None
Weapons: Quarterstaff, darts, dagger
Alignment: Neutral Good
Racial Note: Favors human lineage

Known Traits
Str – <tinkling> You’re kidding, right? I keep my backpack in my mule Uala’s saddlebags until I absolutely need it. (4, -2)
Dex – Let’s just say I dodge extremely well and have intense focus during battle. (18, +3, PRIME)
Con – I’m on the weak and sickly side, but it could be worse. (6, -1)
Int – Don’t be surprised if I run around you in circles on this one – I’ve been told I’m a genius. (18, +3, PRIME)
Wis – I’m no sage, but I’ve definitely been around the block a few times. (13, +1)
Cha – Persuading others to do what I want is not my forte, but I succeed often enough to keep trying. (7, -1, with +2 Racial empathy bonus to all CHA checks)


Cali was raised with her human grandparents after her parents went off on a secret mission when she was 4. They never returned. Cali never cared much for the physical fighting her Paladin grandfather loved so much or the killing that went with it, choosing instead to spend her time reading whatever she could get her hands on. In time, she came to learn about magic, and although her grandparents were opposed to arcane magic, Cali found herself fascinated by it. However, the book she had found mentioned only wizard’s magic, and since she possessed a weak stomach, she was turned off by the idea that she might actually have to kill someone with it.

After her grandparents died, she set out to find out what had happened to her parents and why they had never come back for her. Even if they were dead, she just wanted to know what had happened to them. She spent several years making her way doing odd jobs and following up leads in both the North and South, but her searching was fruitless. While in Mittelstadt, she stepped into a temple there for a bit of a break. The cleric there mentioned the subject of magic, and she responded that she found it interesting but would be reluctant to kill with it. She was surprised and delighted to learn that Illusion magic is used more to disguise, defend, and debilitate than to kill. Upon hearing this, she knew that she had just found her calling in life. She immediately asked to learn the basic spells of an Illusionist, and so the cleric taught her.

No longer having a reason to stay in the South, she returned to the North, which she considered to be her home even though she didn’t call any particular city home. Not long after her return, she heard about an Elf who had appeared in Jotundar and so she went there to see if he knew anything that could help her find out about her Elven father, who she thought might still be alive if he had managed to survived his mission. She was unable to find the Elf or determine where he had gone, so she planned to come back to Alfoss to make herself known at the sister temple to the one in Mittelstadt. Deciding to take the coastal route, she made her way down to Srilkind, where she was stunned by the devastation she encountered. The first person she met was a knight named Sir Matthew, who was guarding some orphans in the temple of Tyr, and he told her of what had happened to the town and a little about his party’s battle with a lizard queen and her minions, though very little about the party’s overall mission. The party he described intrigued her; she’d been very careful thus far not to cast any magic, but she longed to put her spells to work. Would this party have her? Matthew also told her that he had left the party to stay with the orphans but that the party had left earlier that day, and if she hurried, she might catch them.

Seeing that Matthew was struggling a little with the kids, she decided to stay until more help arrived. When the builders arrived from Arendal to help rebuild Srilkind, Cali set out to track the party down. The builders’ news of recent happenings in Arendal encouraged her that the party might accept her as a magic user provided she was discreet in her use of magic. From there she traveled northward, and now has arrived on the outskirts of Ballara hoping to find them.

Calinniel Norling ("Cali")

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