Harald (Father Harald)

Elderly priest of Tyr in Srilkind


Brother of Rala, uncle of Aslaug, great uncle of Burnbright (Catli).

One of the few who knows the secret of Burnbright’s background, he took infant Catli out of the village to be raised by two sisters, before retrieving her again when Burnbright was 5 and bringing her back to Srilkind to be raised. He told the village he found her in the aftermath of a goblin raid of a village of the north.

After sharing the secret of Burnbright’s background with our heroes, his only request of them is that they share that secret with no one – not even Burnbright herself.

He generously provides 200 GP for our heroes to equip themselves with before they head out to the Temple of Gefjon.

Father Harald is killed by the invasion of goblins and gnolls in Srilkind in Act II.

Harald (Father Harald)

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