Exiled elven cleric


Hair: dark brown
Eyes: light blue
Height: 6’2"
Weight: Never you mind.

Class: Cleric
Deity: Fraxinus
Alignment: Lawful Good
- STR: 13
- DEX: 9
- CON: 6
- INT: 13
- WIS: 16
- CHA: 9

Prime Attributes: WIS (class attribute), STR
Weapons: Longbow [1d20+3; 1d8+2], dagger [1d20+3; 1d4+1], light flail [1d20+4; 1d8+1]
Armor: studded leather [AC +3]
HP: 16

Spells: First Aid, Cure Light Wounds, Purify Food and Drink, Aid, Remove Paralysis [1d8]
Favor of the Goddess, Metra’s First Revitalization, Healing [1d20+5]
MP: 15

Start: 2251 [lvl 2]
Act II: 2251 + 1000 = 3251
Act III: 3251 + 250 = 3501
3501 + 1175 = 4676
4676 + 360 = 5036 [lvl 3]
5036 + 880 = 5916
5916 + 550 = 6466


Líadan has lived in Aelwyd Eirian her whole life, and served Queen Brígh as the chief healer of Caer Celynnen. Though she focuses mostly on healing spells, she also has some ability to fight; both have come in handy in recent years, when Aelwyd Eirian was threatened by orcs and a truce was established between the native elves and immigrant humans. She aided the mortals by scouting for orcs, bringing injured elves or humans to the human keep of Dunhold for healing, and also serving as a healer when open war broke out. She and Cadell have been devoted lovers for five hundred years.

After Cadell was sent on a journey to the northlands, Líadan missed him terribly, but never doubted that he would return. When Cadell came back through an Elf-gate sooner than anyone expected, she was the first person he reunited with, before even Brígh. Upon learning that Cadell had been exiled from Caer Celynnen (though no one seemed to agree on the details of why), she packed a bag of supplies for herself and left Caer Celynnen for good in search of her lover. She went back with him through the Gate and thereafter became a member of the company.

Líadan had a crisis of faith mid-battle, believing her god Oercus, Master of the Forest, to have abandoned her when few if any of her arrows would fly true. She also suspected he disapproved of her friendship with non-elves, as Oercus favors the elves above all other races. After the battle and a good think, Líadan turned from worship of Oercus and instead chose to follow Fraxinus, master of the hunt.


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