near-destroyer of the world 1,000 years ago


Some one-thousand years prior to the current time, the dark lord Aeron, struck a bargain with the evil dragon Sleeth in an attempt to conquer the entire world of Mathera. Sleeth was able to rally all of the world’s evil dragons to the dark lord’s cause, and for a time, it appeared as though the forces of evil would succeed in their quest.

Ultimately, Aeron was defeated by a very narrow margin, but the victory was not without cost: most magic users were killed and the Taint on magic was brought into existence. Aeron’s body was never found, but he was presumed dead.

In the current time, Aeron is rumored to be rising again in the south. According to the serpent-witch Calexa, Aeron sent an envoy to Aslaug to try to treat with her, and to learn of any news of the Dragon’s Egg. The envoy was sent away dissatisfied. Aeron is said to be preparing again for war, hoping to once again awaken his former allies, the evil dragons.

Mauve repeated the news of Aeron rising at the end of Act III, adding the detail that the dwarves of the Drimmen-delve have been digging up the evil white dragon Skarn.


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