Former high priestess of Gefjon


Aslaug was a high priestess of Gefjon who watched over the area around the village of Srilkind, in the north, and kept the land fertile. She disappeared after a blood raid on her temple, and was at that time presumed dead.

After her disappearance, areas of the north suffered poor crop growth and other blights. The Taint came into being, and every year it spreads further over the land.

In Srilkind, Father Harald reveals to our heroes that Aslaug is in fact the mother of Burnbright (Catli), and that he is Aslaug’s uncle. He also asks them to keep Burnbright’s true identity secret.

At the temple of Gefjon, Ankari uncovers her journal and learns that she is not dead, and was in fact an agent of the Taint that plagues the North. He also learns that she was seeking a way to resurrect her mother, Rala, to help protect Burnbright against those who may fear that she will develop powers.


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