Baldhart Eisenberg


Height: 6’9"
Weight: (DON’T)

Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Skin: partially blue
Ethnicity: east-meets-west

Level 3 (Barbarian 2 / Monk 2)
6900/7019 XP
35 HP / 1 MP

DEX -2
INT +1
WIS -2


Baldhart is the niece of Chieftain Wolfgang Eisenberg, and heir to the mountain… if she marries.

Fuck that, she says to the valkyrie that most sixteen-year-olds would have dismissed as a hallucination. She vows never to lie with a man, and to forever be faithful to Brynhild…

Seven years pass. Baldhart has traveled to the northern continent in the service of her goddess. She has proven to be a true barbarian in battle, but was never really at peace with the blood on her hands until one fateful night in Arendal.

There, in the midst of battle, Baldhart vowed never again to rely on steel. Her fists, her body, her strength… this was all she would need to fight as Brynhild’s only nun!

Baldhart Eisenberg

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