Darin, son of Dain

A dwarf prince of Drimmen-delve, and son of King Dain.


Darin is a son of the dwarven ruler, Dain. He led Albin, Bren, Konur, and Lodur, all dwarves of Drimmen-delve, on a mission to investigate Verstenn Hold after Dwarven runecasters received a troubling vision of foul creatures having taken over as well as a malignant presence residing there. He and his party discovered it was overrun with goblins, wargs, grey-furred tall creatures (possibly gnolls?) and white wolves.

On his way back to report this news to Drimmen-delve, he and his party had multiple encounters with the wargs and goblins, and Konur was killed. Over the next few days, his party continued to have encounters with these creatures, and on the third day would have perished if not for the intervention of our heroes. Even with their intervention, Albin and Lodur were killed.

After Cadell Einion lost his left hand while defending Darin and his party, Darin named him Dwarf-friend and gave him a medallion of star-metal, telling him that if he came to Drimmen-delve, Darin would ask the resident craftsmen to forge a replacement hand for him.

Darin continued on with our heroes while Bren set out to return to Drimmen-delve. He was nearly slain in battle against a harpy, and was saved through the efforts of Cadell Einion, who kept him from drowning in the flooded cavern, and the cleric Rydh, who healed his slashed throat. Afterward Darin said he would have been glad to stay with his forefathers among the dead. When Darin died battling a snake-bodied sorceress known as Calexa, no attempt was made to revive him. He was buried in the caverns beneath the temple with respect, eulogy and lament. Now it falls to our heroes to bring word of Darin’s death to his father once they reach Drimmen-delve themselves.

Darin, son of Dain

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