The Dragon's Egg

The party set sail from Northport on the Bladnir, captained by Bior Gullisson. Passengers on the ship included Rydh, Baldhart, Cadell, Ankari, and Matthew, each traveling to the trouble in the north for their own reasons.

The Bladnir was set upon by "fish demons" en route to the small northern port at Srilkind. The passengers and crew defeated the demons, though with some cost—a ship's boy named Eskel was lost in the fighting, as was a rather unliked sailor named Aghi.

Despite helping to save the ship, Rydh is confined to his quarters for the remainder of the voyage as the captain is worried his use of magic will spook the crew. The passengers learned of the disappearance of Aslaug, high priestess of Gefjon, and of the Taint that was spreading across the northlands.


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